Founded nearly a century ago in Germany, uvex is one of the leading international manufacturers of personal protection equipment (PPE). The company name actually means ‘ultraviolet exclusion’ and with their motto – ‘Protecting People’, you get the understanding that these guys are all about your protection.At the forefront of design and technology, uvex has an outstanding reputation and offer a superb range of eyewear including goggles and glasses.All goggles feature supravision® coating technology to ensure fog-free vision. Other lens technologies in goggles and glasses include variomatic® stepless self-tinting, polavision® polarised against reflections and colourvision® ultimate contrast enhancement.uvex also offer a great range of helmets too, having introduced them to their collection over 30 years ago. Some models are still made in Germany featuring innovations such as +technology, a lightweight shock dispersant outer material and variomatic® visors.Firmly established as market leaders across many countries in Europe, uvex is also the product of choice for many athletes.